American Hardwood Southeast Asia Supplement 2018

36 AMERICAN HARDWOOD Southeast Asia Supplement 2018 Executive Director Mike Snow usually spends the afternoon of the first day introducing the U.S. hardwood forest resource. AHEC participates in trade shows around the world but hosts the largest pavilion at the young and increasingly successful Sylva Wood in Shanghai. Lee Zhuomin explains why. S ylva is Latin for forest and that is what Sylva Wood is all about. The Chinese market for wood products is moving fast and Asia needed a kind of Carrefour du Bois (specialist wood show in France) to address the market. Sylva Wood filled that gap. The AmericanHardwood Export Council was one of the first associations to endorse Sylva Wood, encouraging members to sign up for booths fast to take advantage of what China could offer. With every successive show, Sylva Wood sees AHEC members returning, and returning again every year. Executive Director Mike Snow always shows his support by participating in the opening ceremony and mingling with guests, followed by a 45-minute presentation on the U.S. hardwood forest resource in the afternoon. During an interview at the show with Mike last year, he said, “[Sylva Wood] is very targeted and that’s what makes it so exciting for us and our member companies. We have more than 30 of them here and several more that wanted to come but there simply wasn’t enough space… We will absolutely support the show next year again.” It wasn’t that the rest of the shows in Greater China and Southeast Asia were poor. (AHEC still commits to furniture shows in the region a few times a year.) It was the dearth of shows that focus strictly on timber, which means the wood materials section often gets lost among the machinery and other services. “SylvaWoodmay be a bit smaller, [but] it is very focused on wood. It brings people to talk about wood and only wood,” Mike stressed, echoing the sentiments of his members. The American Hardwood Export Council and over 30 of its members participated at the third edition of Sylva Wood.