Panels & Furniture Asia Jan/Feb 2018

January / February 2018 • Issue 1 • PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA 18 PANEL MANUFACTURING Damaged press belt on a particleboard line restored to health. S teel belt manufacturer Sandvik recently used its new QuickDisc Plus tool to complete its biggest ever patch repair project: removing and replacing a 480mm diameter area of a damaged press belt for a particleboard plant and restoring it to perfect working order. The work was carried out for Arauco at its particleboard plant in Bennettsville, South Carolina, USA. It was done with such expertise that no trace of the repair could be detected. This is the first time the Sandvik QuickDisc Plus 500 was employed for a ‘live’ repair since it was launched at LIGNA 2017. Arauco’smaintenance team was delighted with the result.