Panels & Furniture Asia Jan/Feb 2018

PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA • Issue 1 • January / February 2018 IN PERSON 31 Scheuch Asia is now almost three years i n B a n g k o k . T h e of f ice may be new, but Andreas Köck, managing di rector, says the company is more than qualified to support Southeast Asia’s panel industry with technology for clean air. A life partner for clean air technology B angkok, or anywhere in urban Southeast Asia, is nothing like where he used to live, where the air is crisp and fresh, a luxury for the lungs. And yet moving to the bustling metropolis was his idea. Three years ago, Andreas Köck saw that Southeast Asia would become one of the fastest-growing markets for exhaust systems and filters. His counterparts in the wood-based panel industry recognised this too and were swooping in quickly. It was obvious that Scheuch had to have a local office to match up with intense competition in this field. He said, “I worked out the business plan for Southeast Asia and proposed someone willing to go there—me!” At that time, the proposal was also in alignment with the company’s globalisation strategy. Scheuch was expanding worldwide and had just made two acquisitions in North America. And Mr Köck was right. The decision was paramount to securing a foothold in the region. In just two years since the office opened, he had signed deals with most of the new panel projects here—six and counting. According to him, it was a combination of perfect timing and luck. “All the investments in Thailand were coming up just as we opened so we were able to clinch most of these projects.”