Panels & Furniture Asia Jan/Feb 2020

January / February 2020, Issue 1 | Panels & Furniture Asia 36 | MATERIALS By Szeto Hiu Yan Dialoog Banyuwangi is a minimalist hotel with a touch of luxury, exemplified by the generous use of Red Grandis, an elegant, high-quality solid wood. This is the first time Red Grandis is used in a large-scale project in Indonesia. L ocated at the furthest east of Java, the hotel is nestled at the edge of the Bali Straits. Entering the spacious compound, one hears the waves before seeing them; the Bali Island stands majestically across the shore. The sea and the surrounding nature are the stars of the hotel, complemented by an overall understated design. The architecture is mostly concrete, but by fusing natural elements like wood and stone into its spaces, attention is always diverted back to nature. As a guest for a day, the constant touch and sight of wood throughout the hotel is perhaps the most soothing accompaniment to the sound of sea waves. I appreciated the gentle nudges to reconnect with nature.