Panels & Furniture Asia Jul/Aug 2018

July / August 2018 • Issue 4 • PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA 34 IN PERSON Björn Henseler, senior advisor of SCHULER Consulting, shares about his passion and his journey in becoming a woodworking consultant. Björn Henseler, Senior Advisor of SCHULER Consulting o become a consultant, it is essential that an individual has undertaken an ‘educational journey’ to develop the knowledge and skills over a period of time t h r o u g h s t u d y a n d t a n g i b l e experiences. For customers seeking advice from a consultant, it is essential that they are receiving it from proven individuals who have the level of experience and knowledge to do so. Björn Henseler, senior advisor of SCHULER Consulting, has over 13 years of experience in the woodworking industry. The enthusiastic and passionate consultant, who is based inMalaysia, has a genuine love of the challenges his job presents. “When I was old enough to leave school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but I really enjoyed making things with my hands,” recalled the German native. “I did my levels and entered civil service after. It was during this time, while making furniture and toys for childrenwith disabilities, I discovered that I likedmaking furniture. So, I decided to learn carpentry.” At the age of 21, he was hired as an apprentice by a carpenter that specialised in making wardrobes and kitchens. Henseler recalled that while on his breaks, he contemplated on how he would improve the business had he been in charge.