Panels & Furniture Asia Jul/Aug 2020

July / August 2020, Issue 4 | Panels & Furniture Asia 16 | PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT T he inspection system ColourBrain ® DrillCheck 4.0 is the technological leader in the inspection of drill hole patterns for coated and lacquered furniture components. Deviations in the pattern and grooves are reliably detected, visualised and alarmed. The inspection can be carried out on one or both sides of the component and with an additional module, also on the narrow side - without adjustments to the decor and structure and completely independent of height. The compact design is optimised for fast setup and allows easy integration into the existing production line. The system is available for three different product widths and thus adapts to any production conditions. Fixed preset, calibrated multi-sensors and predefined inspection parameters on delivery ensure easy commissioning according to the “plug-and-work” principle. With the ready-to-install solution with laser scanning, the ColourBrain ® DrillCheck 4.0 inspects the entire product range in just a few steps and without any adjustment to component thickness, surface structure or decor. A product change is carried out with just a few clicks, or automatically without further settings, adjustments and set-up times. The user interface summarises the essential information and supports the system operator in an optimal way. A production with reliable, mechanical inspection meets the requirements of a holistic quality inspection. Production reports can further support producers by showing customers that they qualify as preferred suppliers. The system is used for process monitoring, both in series and batch 1 production. The system is ideally extended with the narrow-surface inspection ColourBrain ® X-Side 4.0, which uses compact camera heads to additionally check the drill holes on the narrow sides. P Baumer presents simple-to-integrate drilling pattern control with smart 3D technology