Panels & Furniture Asia Jul/Aug 2020

July / August 2020, Issue 4 | Panels & Furniture Asia 26 | FURNITURE MANUFACTURING Smartech: Transforming manufacturing with smart technology SmartWax suspension system As other major industries reap the benefits of technological advancements, how can the manufacturing sector keep up? Smartech is focused on bringing game-changing technologies to the industrial manufacturing world. I magine driving an autonomous Tesla car along an industrial manufacturing line. You’re using a navigation system to get to the end point in the most efficient way, sensors are reporting on your fuel efficiency and you’re wearing a smart watch that monitors your health parameters. 20 years ago, it was unimaginable to drive an autonomous car, but advanced technologies have now become ubiquitous and brought about vast improvements in efficiency, wellness and more. But what about the industrial manufacturing line? Why does “autonomous manufacturing” still seem like a distant dream? THE TECHNOLOGY ANOMALY Many sectors of the economy have reaped enormous benefits from fast-paced technological advances. However, other sectors, such as manufacturing, have not advanced at the same pace and are lagging behind. “Some sectors have amazing technologies, but they are not accessible to most of the world economy. That’s an anomaly crying out to be rectified,” said Hanoch Magid, chief executive officer of Smartech, a company that develops and delivers transformational technology solutions for the manufacturing sector.