Panels & Furniture Asia Jul/Aug 2020

July / August 2020, Issue 4 | Panels & Furniture Asia 46 | MATERIALS STYLISH FURNITURE, WITH SUSTAINABILITY TO MATCH By Ken Hickson Getting a sustainability stamp of approval – verifying the source and supply chain of timber used to make furniture – can open many more doors for exporters, particularly to Europe and America. That’s why one Indonesian furniture maker has decided to be the first to come on-board the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Chain of Custody (CoC) certification scheme. F urnilac Primaguna, PT is the first furniture manufacturer in Indonesia that is certified against the PEFC, the leading global alliance of national forest certification systems. In Indonesia, the PEFC certification system is built and developed by its National Governing Body, namely the Indonesian Forestry Certification Cooperation (IFCC). Besides being committed to the principles of design thinking and styling, sustainability is uppermost in the minds of Furnilac, as they make sure all the wood material used comes from legal and sustainable sources, approved by Indonesia’s timber legality system, Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK). Since Furnilac Primaguna was established by designer Dian S. Theosabrata in 1988, originality has been the driving force behind his every creation. He has also made sure that his exclusive furniture pieces are very competitively priced. INNOVATIVE DESIGNS WITH A SUSTAINABLE EDGE Located in Tangerang-Banten on the island of Java, the fine furniture supplier says its achievements are made possible by having a team of 21 skilled designers and craftsmen in its research and development team, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in the production of its innovative designs. According to the Global Business Guide (GBG), Indonesia has long been known as one of the world's leading furniture manufacturers, as its teak and rattan products are sought after in both the local and international markets. But despite its natural advantages in terms of raw materials, Indonesia continued to be ranked fourth in ASEAN in terms of export value, despite its extensive timber resources. While some Indonesian furniture manufacturers might see challenges in having to provide proof that their wood supply is harvested and sourced legally, Furnilac sees only advantages in its commitment to the SVLK scheme. That’s why Furnilac is the first to get on-board with the CoC certification scheme offered by PEFC/IFCC. Getting an additional sustainability stamp of approval - verifying the source and supply chain of timber used to make furniture - opens many more doors for exporters, particularly in Europe and America. ADDING COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE WITH TIMBER CERTIFICATION SCHEME, CERTISOURCE Another timber certification scheme, CertiSource, has also been able to help Indonesian exporters of wood products, providing a competitive advantage to access environmentally conscious and regulated markets. Becoming certified is affordable and helps improve a company’s business processes as well as enhances its marketing. Singapore-based Double Helix Tracking Technologies has been offering CertiSource certification in Indonesia since 2008. The company is now even better placed to support the furniture Nesting tables using Furnilac is crafted from a combination of solid wood and veneer (Image credit: Furnilac)