Panels & Furniture Asia Jul/Aug 2020

July / August 2020, Issue 4 | Panels & Furniture Asia DESIGN | 53 A cascade of “folds” styled with cross- laminated timber (CLT) panels The new office building of SYNEGIC Co., Ltd resembles an origami box from the outside complicated processing of joints and joining by hardware are avoided. It also allows for prefabrication where wood materials can be pre-cut and screws joined on-site. The CLT panels used for the building’s walls and roof are made from Japanese cedar while Japanese pine laminated timber is used for the trusses and columns. The ceiling is constructed using European red pine. INNOVATIVE USE OF CLT The architects have also applied the use of CLT innovatively. CLT, commonly used in walls and floors, is used on the roof in this case to demonstrate that CLT can look light too. The heaviness of the commonly used mass timber material is now contrasted with a possibility of lightness.