Panels & Furniture Asia Jul/Aug 2020

July / August 2020, Issue 4 | Panels & Furniture Asia DESIGN | 61 enhancing the connectivity between the inside and outside. On the ground floor, a Children’s Library offers playhouses that provide space for crafts and drawing-based activities, early literacy programmes, and a full-body indoor play experience. A JEWEL BOX TUCKED WITHIN THE LIBRARY Throughout the six floors, a variety of spaces provide for digital, analogue, group, and individual interactions. At the uppermost level is the Great Reading Room, conceived as a jewel box tucked within the library, which provides a space for focused study and inspiration. Readers enter through a transitional space with softened light and acoustics. Within, vertical wood slats line the space to provide both privacy and visibility, defining an interior space without using solid walls. Natural light illuminates the space through the wood slats creating glancing sightlines between the atrium and western façade. At the northernmost point of the library, the Living Room overlooks the train line and the meeting point of the two neighbourhoods. Filled with light and activity, this prow of the building will not only serve as a beacon to those outside, inviting them to enter, but also as a prospect for looking back out – a fitting vantage point to observe the impact of a building that hopes to re-energise the spirit of culture, learning, and community in Calgary. P All images are credited to Snøhetta. The Great Reading Room is conceived as a jewel box tucked within the library