Panels & Furniture Asia Jul/Aug 2020

July / August 2020, Issue 4 | Panels & Furniture Asia SHOW PREVIEW | 63 UNEXPECTED POSITIVE CHANGES With more time spent staying home, the COVID-19 pandemic has inadvertently brought about a newfound awareness by consumers on their living space – new materials, personalised designs, customisation and aesthetics are aspects that have become more prominent than ever. Riding on this wave, a spokesperson from Italian Ferramenta, said: “Furniture manufacturers are constantly looking for better hardware accessories, because well-made hardware accessories can enhance the overall value of furniture, and, in turn, provide better products for consumers. The current custom furniture in China has driven production companies to continuously improve the flexibility of their products and services.” Another exhibitor, Linak Transmission Systems, observed a more market-oriented industry, as its spokesperson elaborated: “We are seeing an increasing number of design studios and small-scale custom production factories that provide customised services and furniture products. Furniture customisation trends reflect the structural upgrading of furniture consumption, especially in China. These trends will cause new changes in the furniture industry, and the formation of new supply chains to adapt to these market changes.” P 2 1 Photo 1-2: Visitors to Interzum guangzhou 2020 will be able to grasp the trade dynamics of the industry