Panels & Furniture Asia Mar/Apr 2018

34 FURNITURE MANUFACTURING E xactly five years ago, Nguyen Hoa decided he wanted to design furniture for a living. Today, this goal is realised with him finding his place at KimDo Company, a Vietnamese furniture manufacturer in Ho Chi Minh City. “When I was a student, I dreamed of going professional with all the sketches I made on paper,” the 26-year-old recalled. “I loved wood, materials, colours and chairs so I started teaching myself how to combine these elements together to make furniture.” Growing up, Nguyen read widely on design history, on how the minds behind the masterpieces thought and how the hands that made them worked. He later went on to study industrial design at Ton Duc Thang University and dabbled with various styles before settling for three practical characteristics that would inform each piece of art today: minimalism, function and commercial viability. He said, “Designing furniture is considered a new profession in Vietnam but I believe it will develop rapidly in the next five years.” One of his most frustrating projects was building the Marita rocking chair, a product that took countless hours of study and conceptualisation. Simple and functional, themost distinctive feature of the chair is its intersection of lines, inspired byMan’s connectionwith one another in society. It is made of wood, a basic material found in all his designs. The Marita rocking chair is inspired by Man’s connection with one another in society. Vietnamese designer Nguyen Hoa realised his teenagedreamof seeing his sketches come to life but that, he says, is not enough for him.