Panels & Furniture Asia Mar/Apr 2018

March / April 2018 • Issue 2 • PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA 42 MARKET REPORT Source: American Hardwood Export Council - SEA & Greater China A breakdown of American hardwood species shipped to Southeast Asia in 2017 T he full year of 2017 saw the largest exports ever on record for American hardwoods, with an increase of 17 per cent by value for lumber over 2016, according to new data from the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC). That gives the American hardwood sawmilling industry a grand total of US$2.64 billion of lumber shipments sent all over the world in 2017. China’s appetite for American hardwoods continues to grow. U.S. producers saw a massive 26 per cent increase in lumber exports by value and 20 per cent by volume, bringing China’s total import to over US$1.5 billion last year. That means 57 per cent of all lumber shipped by value was headed to China. Worldwide log exports are up three per cent by volume and 18 per cent by value on the year, but a shift in consumption has led China to purchase a larger share of this figure than in previous years. Red oak log exports to China effectively doubled from 2016 to 2017. Vietnam, now the second largest export market for American hardwood lumber outside North America, has continued on its growth trajectory. Lumber exports were up 22 per cent by value and 18 per cent by volume in 2017. Shipments of lumber amounted to 444,862m 3 with tulipwood (yellow poplar) registering 27 per cent gain in volume accounting for 258,586m 3 or 58 per cent of Vietnam’s import of American hardwood lumber. White oak was the second species followed by red oak showing its best performance yet – up 22 per cent albeit from a small base. Both cherry andmaple lumber recovered some of their previous import levels.