Panels & Furniture Asia Mar/Apr 2018

PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA • Issue 2 • March / April 2018 MARKET REPORT 43 Import volumes by Malaysia recovered by 11 per cent withwhite oak, walnut and tulipwood most popular. Thailand maintained its consumption with white oak and tulipwood also leading. Indonesia eased slightly by three per cent in volume and the Philippines grew by 62 per cent but remains a very small importer of American hardwood lumber. Overall Southeast Asia imported over US$0.26 billion in value – largely attributed to Vietnam. Log exports to the region accounted for US$49 million, up six per cent. John Chan, AHEC’s regional director, said,“Thisisamostsatisfactoryresultand underpins our determination to support the markets in China and Southeast Asia with continued promotion. In the case of the latter we would like to see an increase in consumption of red oak as one of the most available hardwoods in the USA and highly suitable species for furniture.” ℗ SEA Countries Top 3 Lumber Species US$ in million (YoY% change) Yellow Poplar ($81.6 million, 26%); White Oak ($46.1 million, 12%); Vietnam Red Oak ($16.8 million, 35%) White Oak ($10.8 million, 28%); Walnut ($4.1 million, 37%); Malaysia Yellow Poplar ($3.2 million, 31%) White Oak ($12.9 million, 14%); Walnut ($4.2 million, 43%); Indonesia Red Oak ($1.5 million, 2%) White Oak ($7.9 million, 14%); Yellow Poplar ($4.1 million, 4%); Thailand Ash ($2.8 million, -16%) Yellow Poplar ($0.36 million, 252%); White Oak ($0.28 million, 35%) Philippines Walnut ($0.13 million, -51%) White Oak ($0.18 million, 1%) Red Oak ($0.067 million, -14%); Singapore Ash ($0.051 million, -16%)