Panels & Furniture Asia Mar/Apr 2018

SEKA – WET ESP THE WET ELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR IS DESIGNED FOR EFFECTIVE REMOVAL OF DUST PARTICLES ACCORDING TO LOCAL REQUIREMENTS INTEGRATED DE-PLUMING SYSTEM WWW.SCHEUCH.COM WORLDWIDE MORE THAN 90 AIR POLLUTION CONTROL SYSTEMS AFTER THE DRYER INSTALLED Scheuch ASIA Ltd. Branches: General, Wood Processing Industry, Wood Based Panel Industry, Metals Industry, Energy Industry, Components 399 Interchange Building 25th Floor Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey-Nua 10110 Bangkok Thailand Tel.: +66 62 35 666 44 PROGRESS THROUGH VISION WE CREATE TECHNOLOGY FOR CLEAN AIR Scheuch offers full ranges of exhaust gas cleaning products for everything involved in board production. Years of experience and the constant development of pioneering innovations lay the foundations for complete solutions in the field of ventilation and environmental technology. WE PROVIDE Bag filters / cyclones Fans Rotary valves & flaps Wet press suction Air Pollution Control Systems Fiber Sifter for MDF Industry with more than 150 operating systems worldwide BEST AVAILABLE EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGY