Panels & Furniture Asia May/Jun 2018

May / June 2018 • Issue 3 • PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA 16 PANEL MANUFACTURING The new EcoSifter reduces high silicate content with its unique two-stage screening process. S ome years ago, Action Tesa and Siempelkamp met at IndiaWood. It would be the first ofmanymeetings between the Indian conglomerate and German technology leader in wood- based panel production. By July 2016, Action Tesa had put down an order for a forming and press line, including the 8 th Generation ContiRoll® and sifter, cooling and stacking system, and a large warehouse. Siempelkamp also installed the new EcoSifter with a unique two-stage screening process, which was necessary to reduce the high silicate content in the raw material. Action Tesa’s first MDF board on a Gen 8 ContiRoll shows us what the future will be: fast-growing, perennial crops for boards.