Panels & Furniture Asia May/Jun 2018

May / June 2018 • Issue 3 • PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA 20 PANEL MANUFACTURING The Dynasteam The Dynasteam press Two of the IMAL control systems have been added to complete the system: an infra-red moisture metre mounted on the scale and an online FiberCam for a constant monitoring of the 3D measurements of the fibres. The IMAL FiberCam is equipped with a digital camera that is able to take approximately onemillion images aminute. A PC with its own dedicated software continually checks the size of the fibres coming from the dryer. The operator will then be able to utilise this information to adjust disk distance or change the refiner disk segments. The new fibre sifter is fully automatic and controlled by PLC. It will adjust to maintain maximum efficiency in relation to fibre flow rate, air flow rate and air pressure. THE DYNASTEAM The Dynasteam injects steam into the mat before it goes into the press and is mounted at press infeed, above the infeed table. With the installation of the Dynasteam it is possible to increase line speed by over 10 per cent, even peaking 15 per cent in some cases. The only costs related to this increase in production are those of wood, resin and a little extra power; the other costs have already been paid for by the existing production. It will take a couple of months on average to see returns on investment. Furthermore, the mat is softer when it enters the press with the Dynasteam and as a result, it is easier and quicker to press at infeed, hence consenting a notable improvement in the density profile. Furthermore, a drop in the Kw requirements for the steel beltwill be noted, leading to less wear and all in all, less strain on the press. Unique on the market too, is the Full Blister Detector which is able to identify blistered areas on the board. The IMAL Full Blister Detectormonitors 100 per cent of the surface of the board and is installed on the same beam as the thickness gauge, which, thanks to its level of reliability, comes with a three-year warranty. Another important tool for accurate monitoring of MDF production is the CDP 700 which, installed after the press and before the diagonal saw, measures the density profile on line. The sensors are not mounted on top where the reading of the top sensor is difficult or where the sensor could be damaged by fumes which the board releases as it exits from the press. Both sensors on the IMAL unit aremounted below the board. The IMAL PAL GLOBUS group sales will, for the first time, in 2018 exceed EUR200 million. ℗