Panels & Furniture Asia May/Jun 2019

May / June 2019 • Issue 3 • PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA 28 FURNITURE MANUFACTURING PYTHA : W ithin a year and a half, the two young men sealed deals with 65 woodworking companies – 35 companies from Singapore, and 30 from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Korea. The speed at which PYTHA is penetrating the market and its success hit-rate is undeniably, and remarkably high. “Aaron” and “Clement”, as most of their customers call them on their various chat groups – Whataspp in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Viber in the Philippines, or Zalo in Vietnam—for after sales support, are young, and they are selling PYTHA with a start-up mentality and boundless zeal. Aaron Boo and Clement Su, partners and distributors of PYTHA 3D CADCAM South East Asia BLAZING THE TRAIL FOR SOUTH EAST ASIA’S CUSTOMISATION WAVE PYTHA 3D CADCAM, an established CADCAM software from Germany, was a relative unknown in South East Asia (SEA) until Aaron Boo and Clement Su, both from Singapore, clinched the sole distributorship in June 2017 to bring PYTHA to SEA. 34-year-old Clement has been a woodworking machinery and dust control system supplier since 2010. Aaron, who turns 30 this year, founded a carpentry company four years ago. The workshop leveraged on CNC machines and software for production. He had earlier worked at a local panel manufacturing company and was procuring machines for the company when he first met Clement, who happened to be the supplier. Being equally driven and coupled with strong industry knowledge, Aaron and Clement saw immense potential in using software to help the regional woodworking industry reap huge benefits. Joining hands to build a start-up was only a matter By Szeto Hiu Yan