Panels & Furniture Asia May/Jun 2020

May / June 2020, Issue 3 | Panels & Furniture Asia 30 | PANELS MANUFACTURING A nthon GmbH, based in Flensburg, specialises in complex machine and plant systems for the panel processing industry. Significant emphasis is placed on board sizing systems including feeding, stacking and sorting systems for a wide range of materials in the wood and building materials processing industry. By the end of 2019, with after the successful delivery and installation of Anthon’s sanding and sawing line, Green River Panels Thailand started operation of its third production line in Trang, which is also its largest particleboard production line with a sawing capacity of up to 2,800 m³/day. All of Green River's requests and requirements have been implemented and optimised to the highest level of productivity: high capacity feeding of single boards high speed double side sanding automatic surface inspection automatic quality grading high capacity angular cutting destacking of different quality grades lowest tolerances of sanding, cutting and destacking ANTHON THROUGHFEED SAW MODEL PVL/PVQ - A HIGHLY EFFICIENT CUTTING SOLUTION PVL/PVQ, the throughfeed sawing system, is more often used to cut single boards or mini boards, compared to the pressure beam saw system. This results in significantly lower drive power of the sawing units and thinner saw blades - energy and raw materials are reduced. Currently, sawing systems are equipped with saw blades of approximately 3.0 to 4.0mmwidth, whereas sawblades with twice the thickness are not uncommon with pressure beam saws. This is one of the reasons why well-known manufacturers and now, Green River Panels Trang Thailand, chose Anthon’s throughfeed saws systems. 3D rendering of the Green River Panels Thailand Trang’s latest and largest particleboard production line LONGEST, WIDEST, HIGHEST, HEAVIEST PARTICLEBOARD STACK IN SEA The fully automatic sanding and sawing line has been in operation at the newly built chipboard plant in Trang since the end of 2019. At this plant, up to 2,800m³/day of chipboard are sanded, sawn to various formats and destacked with the highly efficient Anthon equipment. The particleboard stack at Green River also sets the record of being the longest, widest, highest and the heaviest one in Southeast Asia. At 7.4m long, 2.5m wide, 5.0m high and weighing 60 tonnes, the particleboard stack is used to transport particleboards from the storage to the Anthon sanding and sawing line for final sizing and processing before delivery to Green River’s customer worldwide. HIGHEST CAPACITY PARTICLE BOARD CUTTING PLANT IN SOUTH EAST ASIA The Southeast Asian market has always been an important market of Anthon’s. One of the biggest projects over the years was the high capacity sanding and sawing plant for the new particleboard plant in Trang (South Thailand), ordered by Green River Panels Thailand in 2017. The project has once again shined a spotlight on Anthon’s know-how in the field of high capacity sawing systems.