Panels & Furniture Asia Nov/Dec 2018

PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA • Issue 6 • November / December 2018 FURNITURE MANUFACTURING 27 “Traditionally Modern” is the slogan for Elmood, a Hong Kong-based furniture design and manufacturing company. E lmood's history dated more than 35 years ago with the Chiang’s family business in collecting and restoring Chinese antiques. It was during one of the many sourcing trips around China that the youngest son and founder of Elmood, William Chiang, witnessed a painful abundance of untouched old elm in abandoned village homes. Not wanting to let the beautiful material go to waste, Chiang drew from his vast experience in restoring antique furniture to produce eco-friendly handcrafted furniture from reclaimed old elm wood in 2004, which is well ahead of the now popular 'green' trend. It was then that he got inspired by the name Elmo. But due to licensing issue with an established American company, he was unable to use it. Hence, the birth of Elmood in 2016, which is a word play on “elm” and “wood”. “TRADITIONALLY MODERN” The Flamingo Floor Lamp uses the bent lamination technique Elmood collaborated with furniture designer, Nathan Yong, to produce the F/P collection. Beside: F/P Dining Chair