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BIMA Gx30 series offers a clear increase in dynamics and a completely new
hood concept. The compact machine structure with air-conditioned electrical
cabinets, integrated vacuum pump, and energy supply of the consoles in the
machine establishes an optimal ergonomic work environment.
The BIMA Gx series in gantry design
The advantages of this moving gantry design have been adopted
by the new BIMA Gx30, Gx50 and Gx60 machining centres. The highly
dynamic low-vibration gantry drive with its servomotors on both sides of
the portal frame moves the X-axis of the machine in a master-slave configura-
tion, and keeps its dynamic and low-vibration capabilities even with heavy-duty
machining requirements and high acceleration ramps. Themachine bed – in the
case of the Gx30 series, made of a concrete-steel combination – allows for the
required stiffness and oscillation damping. This improves the machining quality
and increases the tool life and hence brings clear advantages for every user.
BIMA Gx30: clearly ahead of the competition
With a machine height of 2,600mm, the BIMA Gx30 can also be installed
without problem in halls with low ceiling heights. The T-shaped drilling unit with
21 vertical spindles and 4 x 2 horizontal spindles operates with absolute precision
at speeds of up to 9,000 rev/min. A chip and dust extraction of the horizontal
spindles is integrated in the drilling head; an extraction shoe encloses the verti-
cal drill spindles. A second Z-axis (standard feature) enables automatic tool
change during the drilling cycle. With minimised tool change times, the 8-sta-
tion tool changer travelling with the head assembly in X/Y directions has a clear
advantage over conventional solutions. Proven LED technology allows for safe
and reliable worktable setup on the new BIMA Gx machining centres. Optimal
precision and long serviceable life expectancy are ensured by vacuum support
bars on linear guides.
Waste parts and chips are carried away by an 800mm wide waste outfeed
conveyor, which is an optimal solution. Moreover, with its intelligent data han-
dling using imageable hard disks, the BIMA Gx series offers maximum protection
against data loss.
BIMA Gx50 and Gx60: panel thicknesses up to 500mm
Also, the Gx50 and Gx60 series benefit from the many advantages of the
Gx30 compact class. Here, too, the gantry is moved by a real gantry drive.
The bed of the machine incorporates a wide waste outfeed conveyor which
ensures optimum discharge of chips and waste parts. Depending on the cus-
tomer’s requirements, the machine can be equipped with various units and
hence combines all advantages in one series. The maximum panel thickness is
500mm, including the work-holding devices on machines with robot head. An
automatic setup table or DynaPoint table can be supplied as required. A hose-
less two-circuit workholding system holds the panels securely in position while
they are processed. Like the Gx30, these series have a programme-controlled
and particularly energy-efficient extraction as well as long serviceable life ex-
pectancy, with small demands placed on maintenance.
With the 8.0 version of the proven IMAWOP programming software, IMA has
probably developed the most comprehensive interface for human-machine
communication. All machining centres of the Gx series are equipped with this
innovative software technology. IMAWOP 8.0 can be seamlessly integrated
into the communication line with the PPS (production planning system) and
3D design tools of the company. The control software allows for maximum
security and overall reliability in the production process, as well as universality
in applications and clearly increases efficiency in production.
In the new IMAWOP software version 8.0, dynamic 3D views facilitate
intuitive operation. Secure operation is not only achieved by 3D simulation
,but also by automatic vacuum block computing and a graphical setup
managerraphical setup manager. The IMA Quicktool is an optional feature
that can be installed to allow fully automated machine-neutral CNC part
programmingully automated machine-neutral CNC part programming for
batch size 1 as well as an optimisation of the machining sequence and
machining time. Many other features of the control software provide manu-
facturers with an indispensable advantage over competitors by increasing
the efficiency of modern furniture production.
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