Panels & Furniture Asia Sep/Oct 2018

September / October 2018 • Issue 5 • PANELS & FURNITURE ASIA 22 PANELS MANUFACTURING Peter Fitch, managing director of Segamat Panel Boards, shares how the company aims to be the pre-eminent and top-of-mind supplier for quality thin panel raw MDF and semi-finished MDF across the globe. E stablished in 2002, Segamat Panel Boards Sdn Bhd (SPB) is located in Johor, Malaysia. As a manufacturer of premium quality thin panels MDF (medium- density fiberboard) from 1.5mm to 6mm, SPB also provides different variants of the boards from the normal E2 to the low formaldehyde F4 star, as well as offering cut-to-size boards for its customers. Themove was to “become a bespoke producer of MDF,” said Peter Fitch, managing director of SPB. The recent acquisition of UC Gravure, a supplier to SPB for the paper foil of their lamination, has the company expanding and providing added value products such as paper-overlaid MDF; prime-coated MDF for door skin panels; UV cured-coated panels, which include the high-glossed UV panels; and deep-moulded door skin. And this is on top of Peter Fitch, Managing Director of Segamat Panel Boards