Panels & Furniture Asia Sep/Oct 2020

September / October 2020, Issue 5 | Panels & Furniture Asia MARKET REPORT | 21 HMR is the leading source of pricing and market information for North American hardwoods. It has provided reliable, expert analysis of pricing and market trends to hardwood companies throughout the world since 1922. Sample copies and subscription services for Hardwood Market Report ® and all other HMR publications are available online at market should help drive demand higher for hardwood interior fittings, finishes and furnishings. Business with China seems less certain. Activity strengthened through the first five months of 2020, but new order placements fell precipitously in June. However, data released by the Chinese government show the economy and housing market are trending in the proper direction to fuel demand for manufactured hardwood goods. Even at a pace of business similar to this past spring, increased demand from China would also strengthen commerce in other countries and be an important influence on future US hardwood lumber production. These past several months of low sawmill production will become more evident to the marketplace. Less lumber produced means less lumber will be kiln dried and available for sale (Figure 3). To what extent there will be shortages is uncertain. What is certain is that demand for US hardwoods has improved from the initial COVID-19 setbacks and is now encouraging sawmill production increases. Change is persistent. Process toward the next new norm is well underway. P Figure 3