Panels & Furniture Asia Sep/Oct 2020

September / October 2020, Issue 5 | Panels & Furniture Asia PANEL MANUFACTURING | 31 MDF come in a wide range of thicknesses in modern production lines WELL-MATCHED MEASURING AND INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY FOR THIN MDF PRODUCTION G ood-quality MDF production begins at the forming line, with a homogenous and clean fibre mat provided by Siempelkamp’s MDF-Mat Formers, including StarFormer and Equalizer. Here, EWS' X-ray mat inspection and measuring system, EcoScan, serves as a reliable instrument for monitoring the mat parameters. The system, developed by EWS and Siempelkamp, comprises individual sub-systems for area weight measurement and foreign body detection (FBD), with a special focus on fast- running production lines even for MDF panels as thin as 1.5 mm. Impurities, or metal and non-metal foreign bodies in the fibre mat, are unacceptable for both hot press protection and panel quality. The FBD system, EcoScan FBD, scans the entire mat and provides By Konrad Solbrig, Head of Technology, Wood-based Composites, Electronic Wood Systems The efficient production of a high-quality medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is fundamentally attributable to the available rawmaterial, capability of the installedmachinery andmanufacturer’s knowledge. However, inline measuring and control systems also play a major role in meeting the increasing requirements. Electronic Wood Systems (EWS) shares with us their quality inspection and measuring systems for wood-based panel manufacturing. control signals in order to reject the defective material. The X-ray imaging method is comparable to digital photography; good photographs depend on appropriate lighting, the nature of, and distance to, the objects and the camera's sensor resolution and sensitivity. Similarly, using an intelligent algorithm, EcoScan's FBD unit evaluates continuously acquired X-ray images, allowing for common signal variation and regular mat inhomogeneity to avoid false detections. Up to three detection levels are available in the manual setting or via a recipe. The image acquisition of the EcoScan FBD is performed by a scanning linear array sensor – a line camera sensitive to X-rays (Figure 1). High spatial resolution comes from a small pixel size and pitch (1.6 mm across), as well as a fast sensor read-out repetition rate, with a 1.5 ms sample