Panels & Furniture Asia Sep/Oct 2020

News 10
Market Report 21
Birch from Russia in the US market 21
US hardwood supplies: Adapting to a new norm 22
In Person 24
Smart manufacturing: HOMAG and Indonesian furniture manufacturer pave the way 24
Taking the Gabon Special Economic Zone to greater heights 26
Product Highlight 30
Baumer Inspection commissions first raw board scanner in South East Asia 30
Panel Manufacturing 33
Well-matched measuring and inspection technology for thin MDF production 33
Furniture Manufacturing 38
Machines and mankind – Combining forces for intelligent furniture manufacturing 38
Materials 42
Designer Hardwood: Creating customisable, sustainable hardwood materials from wood waste in just one day 42
A traded tree: What rosewood means for Africa 48
Flooring 52
COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting: What’s safe for wood floors? 52
All swept up 54
Design 56
Tasmanian Blackwood heats things up at London restaurant 56
Designing for the tropics: Trends and post-pandemic observations 58
Structural Elements 60
A space of gathering and intellectual exchange 60
Columnists 64
Wood Clinic: Why do the slats of the crib’s sliding rail fall out? 64
MMMA Newsletter: What’s next? A reversal in globalisation! 68
Calendar of Events 72