Wood In Architecture Issue 1, 2018

IN PERSON 29 WOOD IN ARCHITECTURE • ISSUE 1 • 2018 Over time, wood will weather into a silvery grey, which can be an aesthetic concern for some. The curved wall structure is “one of the most interesting design elements of the house, providing structural stability that speaks volumes of what could be done with timber,” according to the jury of the Malaysian Wood Awards. CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING Most architects want to see their designs come to frui Ɵ on but in reality, Azman remarks, this is o Ō enhinderedby changes and vola Ɵ le temperaments “pulling you in all sorts of direc Ɵ ons." He says, "You have approvals that come in so late that by then, the project has lost its feasibility. “Then you alsohave impa Ɵ ent clients whowant to get the design to the ground even though it is incomplete. This puts a lot of pressure on us.” In the past 20 years, government authori Ɵ es have also been fond of the design-and-build approach, estranging the architect and his design team away from the end user, Azman adds. Clients sometimes employ project managers, adding an unnecessary layer to the building procurement system which makes it increasingly challenging for the architect to communicate values that the end-user actuallywants or needs. But at the root of the practice, architecture is about crea Ɵ ve problem solving, Azman says. “We can organise ourselves so that we have more control of our intellectual property. I am now looking at a designer-maker approach and seeing where this path leads to.” Also, if the Ɵ mber supply chain can provide quality Ɵ mber and be backed up by a systema Ɵ c delivery system, the design and building sector can be more conĮdent in coming upwith bold, quality and innova Ɵ ve designs. Finally, the industry must stop perceiving Ɵ mber as a commodity: Drop the consumerist behaviour, stop and enjoy the material, and experience the design. This will perhaps give Malaysian timber research and design its long overdue recogni Ɵ on in the interna Ɵ onal arena of wood architecture. | WIA