Wood In Architecture Issue 1, 2018

48 ISSUE 1 • 2018 • WOOD IN ARCHITECTURE FLOORING New look for laminate: Digital printing enables unusual design concepts to be applied, such as decors with a visual material mix and creative colouring. Image credit: Parador. Stylish laminate decors with the glamour factor: Deep, warm tones with a subtle shimmer of gold give a hint of luxury. Image credit: Quickstep by Unilin. The latest trends in flooring are becoming more diverse. They must be as pretty as the furniture that sits on them, look natural and of course, be durable and easy to maintain. MODERN AUTHENTICITY Industrial Chic,ModernClassic, Bohemian and Country themes continue to be popular in homes and commercial spaces worldwide. Likewise, Nordic styles are s Ɵ ll welcome for its sober, clean shapes and light colours. In addi Ɵ on, many people are looking for Ňooring they can “touch and feel”, and this has resulted in users having a greater understanding of materials. Authen Ɵ city is becoming a determinant in their choice of products and this has strongly inŇuenced theway new laminate Ňoors are being developed. A NEW KIND OF NATURALNESS Vintage and the “used" look are s Ɵ ll major themes, but overall the appearance of laminate wood is now more linear and softer. Textures are now used more. Some laminate Ňoor coverings feature slight traces of wear on the surface. The “rustic” look, popular in recent years, has given way to a new kind of naturalness. Special surface treatments on planks, such as “oiled” and “brushed”, are reflected in a tactile and visual Įnish. No other wood is as expressive as oak, which is why oak remains a long- term favourite in the laminate sector. The