Wood In Architecture Issue 1, 2018

50 ISSUE 1 • 2018 • WOOD IN ARCHITECTURE FLOORING T otal laminate Ňooring sales in volume terms from members of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) reached 477 million m 2 in 2017. The associa Ɵ on’s home market of Western Europe continued to decline whilst Asia was once again the market that recorded the biggest growth. Exports to the Americas and Russia also saw gains. WESTERN EUROPE Total sales in Western Europe (including Turkey) fell 2.9 per cent to 243millionm 2 . Germany remains the single largest market in Central Europe, achieving Ňooring sales of 57millionm 2 , although this Įgure is a 10 per cent decline from 2016 due to consumers’ preference for thermoplas Ɵ c Ňooring. France is s Ɵ ll in second place, demonstra Ɵ ng a small increase in sales to reach 37.6 million m 2 . UK sales rose 2.5 per cent to 33.8 million m 2 , pu ƫ ng it in third place ahead of Turkey. Sales Įgures for Turkey fell by 9.2 per cent, down to 24.9 million m 2 . The Netherlands is in Į Ō h place followed by Spain. EASTERN EUROPE Although sales in Eastern Europe climbedmarginally in 2017, the region remains a major growth market for EPLF manufacturers—sales rose 1.9 per cent to 128 million m 2 . (The EPLF is aware that just under 20 million m 2 of laminate produced by Russian member companies are not accounted for, for various reasons, since 2015.) In 2017, EPLF members in Russia reported sales growth of 5.2 per cent to 35 million m 2 ; Poland sales were steady at just under 31 million m 2 ; Romania, 13.2 million m 2 ; followed by Ukraine, which grew 18.4 per cent to 7.4 million m 2 , Hungary and Bulgaria. Global sales of EPLF members in million m 2 Source: European Producers of Laminate Flooring Major regions EPLF members export to (in million m 2 )