Wood In Architecture Issue 1, 2018

FLOORING By t he rma l l y mod i f y i ng wood , t imu r a Holzmanufaktur offers wood in the same durability class as tropical wood, suitable for both interior and exterior flooring, as well as cladding for façades. R enowned for their philosophy in design and innova Ɵ on asmuch as their commitment to preserving the world’s tropical forests, Ɵ mura Holzmanufaktur GmbH, a wood manufacturer based in Südharz, Germany, is dedicated to improving the lives of those around them in an ecologically sound way. Certified by both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Cer Ɵ Įca Ɵ on (PEFC) schemes, one of Ɵ mura’s most unique aspects is that they o ī er modiĮed wood that is as durable as the endangered and coveted tropical wood – but made of sustainably sourced German wood. “The ini Ɵ al idea was to save the tropical rainforests here in Southeast Asia, which we can do as we have enough resources in Europe, and especially Germany where our forests have been sustainable for 300 years and s Ɵ ll growing,” Chris Ɵ an Pongratz, senior sales manager of Ɵ mura, explained. “We use ash, spruce, pine and beech for our products. But since American ash has a lower density, we use German ash.” THERMO WOOD Sustainably harvested, Ɵ mura’s thermallymodiĮed Ňooring, a product of vacuumpress drying, is lighter, holdsmoremoisture thanwood not thermally modiĮed, and o ī ers be Ʃ er insula Ɵ on due to its decreased thermal conduc Ɵ vity and lower density. “Mould normally grows on the wood if the moisture is over 25 per cent, but we thermally modify the wood and bring the moisture down to around eight to nine per cent. Since mould cannot grow on the wood, the durability is also enhanced,” Pongratz said. But the wood is not only durable due to its water absorp Ɵ on and water-binding proper Ɵ es; it also o ī ers be Ʃ er dimensional stability. “Because the wood is pressed and thermally modified, its expansion and contrac Ɵ on is also greatly reduced, and one beneĮt is that it will not bend or warp. So there is no need to iron out the wood every few years.” UNIQUE There are many benefits to building with wood, but the many proper Ɵ es of thermally modiĮed wood means that this versa Ɵ le product has a large range of uses, from outdoor and exterior decking as much as it can be used for interior Ňooring. “What is special about our products is that seamless outdoor or exterior decking – without gaps – is possible,” Pongratz expounded. “The innova Ɵ on here is the SenoFix that was specially developed for our thermo wood. It’s one of the reasons why designers and architects like our products, along with the fancy shapes and colours they can come in.” timura’s products are also suitable for outdoor decking