Wood In Architecture Issue 1, 2019

36 ISSUE 1 • 2019 • WOOD IN ARCHITECTURE STRUCTURAL BULLITT CENTER: LITERALLY LIVINGPROOF Game chang i ng and beaut i ful , the Bul l i t t Center is not just proof that wooden structures can last more than a lifetime – it's living proof. A lthough Portland, Oregon, United States, is becoming increasingly renowned for its timber constructions and initiatives to bring wood back as a consistent building material, the first commercial structure in the U.S. to earn Forest Stewardship Council™ Project Certification is, in fact, in Seattle. The Bullitt Center Considered groundbreaking when it was first constructed and revealed to the public, the Bullitt Center set the bar for many other timber buildings to come, proving that using wood harvested from responsibly handled forests as a climate-friendly material to build with was entirely possible, among other things. 1