Wood In Architecture Issue 1, 2020

42 ISSUE 1 • 2020 • WOOD IN ARCHITECTURE WOOD FLOORING THERRAWOOD : BRINGING OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS FROM TURKEY TO SOUTHEAST ASIA By Szeto Hiu Yan Since2008, Istanbul-basedTherraWoodhasbeenmanufacturing and supplying wood polymer composite outdoor solutions to more than 54 countries and with more than 230 projects worldwide. While its biggest markets have been in the Middle East and the Western countries, TherraWood has set its sight on further horizons with the aim of bringing its products to Southeast Asia. As TherraWood makes its stop in Singapore, WIA took the chance to speak with Philippe Van Wassenhove, Managing Partner of TherraWood Middle East. T herraWood is perhaps best known for its unique wood polymer composite (WPC) material, which is solely manufactured by the company at its manufacturing facilities in Corlu, Tekirdag, 100kmwest of Istanbul. WPC is a unique blend of PVC, high quality wood fibre and other proprietary components, creating a cost-effective, durable and safe material that resembles the appearance of wood for both residential and commercial outdoor recreational areas. With WPC, TherraWood produced a range of outdoor solutions that include decking, siding, fence, pergola and railing. On what makes WPC outperform similar materials from other competitors, Van Wassenhove shared that “one of the differences is that we are using PVC as a component, while many other manufacturers are using PE and PP. PVC is a harder component compared to PE or PP, hence we are able to offer hollow profiles for some products such as WPC-coated hollow aluminium railings, combining strength, durability and lightweight into one.” Besides, products made from WPC require lowmaintenance andare resistant todecay, insects and UV damage. Coupled with anti-slip and splinter-free properties, the composite material can be used to make safe structures for outdoor environment. The products also come in a range of elegant colours. “The main component for the decking’s top coat is rice husks, which can prevent water penetration.” Fortheenvironmentconsciousconsumers, products created from WPC are 100 per cent recyclable and FSC certified. TherraWood’s decking that is made with the unique WPC material