Wood In Architecture Issue 2, 2018

NEWS 13 WOOD IN ARCHITECTURE • ISSUE 2 • 2018 TIMBER SHORTAGE IS AFFECTINGAUSTRALIAN BUILDERS AUSTRALIAN builders and timber suppliers looking to use local wood products are finding that supply has been running out recently, according to the Naracoorte Herald. Naracoorte-based builder Paul Russell said that a shortage of local timber in the region is believed to be a result of excessive exporting of logs fromPortland. Now, builders and carpenters have to make do with imported laminated timber from Europe, and though the quality is the same, Russell still prefers if it is local. “We went down to get some from one of our suppliers and all we wanted was 30 lengths of timber and we couldn’t get it,” Russell explained. “They just didn’t have the 30 lengths of timber and they are all back ordered.” An anonymous local supplier said the shortage is unusual with local mills exporting logs, and businesses having to import timber back into the country due to shortages in supply. Russell also questions whether supply is fairly allocated: “Logs are being taken straight out to Portland to be exported and it is terrible that we have the supply down here but my question is, is there a certain amount left or allocated for domestic use?” The source of the timber stock has also been reported to come from Western Australia, yet this supply is only around 5 per cent of what is used. “The quality of timber is the same,” said Russell, “but we use local plumbers and local electricians, so we would like to use local timber as well.” There are also reports there is about to be a blanket nine per cent increase in the cost of timber, which, according to Russell, means prices of housing will also rise by almost 10 per cent. The cost of jobs will go up as well, and a large house will cost an extra AUD$2,000 to AUD$2,500 just for the framing and trusses. | WIA