Wood In Architecture Issue 2, 2018

30 ISSUE 2 • 2018 • WOOD IN ARCHITECTURE IN PERSON FRANCIS YAN: A TRIBUTE Amajor force, anundeniable talent. FrancisYanwasmorethanadirector of Revery Architecture – he was an inspiration, a mentor, a friend. A gifted and talented architect, especially in the area of design and construction administration, in Hong Kong, Francis Yan was a force to be reckoned with for some of Revery Architecture’s most impactful projects, including the University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus and Xiqu Centre opera house, which is to be featured on Hong Kong’s new $100 banknotes for 2019 to 2020. “I had the pleasure to work alongside and be mentored by Francis for over 12 years, and we worked together on several projects when he was still working in our Vancouver office,” Amirali Javidan, associate director of Revery Architecture, said. “Many of our senior architects at Revery Architecture were very honoured and lucky to have learned so much from him, which we will take with us throughout our careers.” Though Yan passed away in May 2018, during his life, he was recognised for his dedication, knowledge, tremendous patience and uncanny understanding of what it took to realise large-scale cultural and institutional projects. In addition, Yan played a key role in contract reviews, specifications, and quality control for