Wood In Architecture Issue 2, 2018

IN PERSON 31 WOOD IN ARCHITECTURE • ISSUE 2 • 2018 many of Revery’s projects that were later constructed. REVERY ARCHITECTURE Established in 1982 by Canadian architect Bing Wing Thom, the award-winning firm, Revery Architecture (formerly Bing Thom Architects), is led by design principal Venelin Kokalov, technical principal Shinobu Homma, and a team of directors who bring additional experience in urban planning, engineering, sustainable buildings, construction, and much more with an emphasis on both design and building execution. Until his passing, Francis Yan held a prominent position at Revery as managing director of its Hong Kong office. Based in Vancouver, Canada, with an office in Hong Kong, directors and staff all share one fundamental belief: “We believe that great architecture has the transformative power to uplift – not only the physical, but also the economic and social conditions of a community,” Yan had said. “The firm’s belief in this power has become the grounding philosophy for the office, and has resulted in memorable architecture around the world that consistently taps into something beyond aesthetics.” Mr Francis Yan (left) and Arena Stage in Washington D.C., United States, designed by Venelin Kokalov and with which Yan was also involved