Wood In Architecture Issue 2, 2020

News 8
Sustainability 20
New report demonstrates the sustainability of US Hardwoods 20
The Big Picture 22
Hospitality at its finest 22
Market Report 32
Breathe a sigh of relief: Wood is good for the climate–inside and out! 32
Engineered Wood 35
Unfolding an origami coup de maître 35
A promising outlook in wood construction 38
In Person 40
Sustainable American hardwoods in design: The parallels between humans and trees 40
The business of democratised design 44
Materials & Technology 47
Brave new world design 47
World Forestry Center’s Discovery Museum highlights US species 50
Drawing inspiration from the periphery 52
Fit-Outs 54
Fit-outs – where form and functionality meet 54
Flooring 56
COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting: What' safe for wood floors 56
All swept up 58
Structural Elements 60
Biophilic design: reconnecting human and nature 60
Blending modernity and timeless Japanese Culture 63
Show Review 66
Building and recognising woodworking Design Talent 66
Events’ Calendar 70