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July 2018

Editor’s pickBinh Duong in the beginning

Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Furniture, Wood, Woodworking, Industry, Market

Leader of the pack Word around the industry is that Mr Seven Lee ventures to places where no one dares, but when he steps out, everyone else quickly follows. In this case, Vietnam in 1992. “And then they all come and build bigger, better factories and now I’m the smallest player here,” he jests. Mr Lee is, of course, being …

LIGNA 2019 to focus on digitalisation and automation


Integrated Woodworking – Customised Solutions will be the keynote theme at next year’s LIGNA trade show, which will run from 27 to 31 May in Hannover, Germany. Accordingly, Industry 4.0 technologies will feature prominently among the woodworking and timber processing exhibits in halls 11–17 and 25–27, as well as on the …

凯胜: 谱写成功的未来


凯胜的故事可以追溯到二十世纪六十年代的台湾,当时的林业是一个高盈利性的行业。 来自台湾丰原的罗氏家族,凭借辛勤的工作和坚忍不拔的精神,逐步建立了集团公司。随后,他们又冒险在深圳设立了第一家工厂。过去,中国是制造基地的首要选择。 如今, …

Editor’s pickA play of light and wood -- Audian Art Museum

Audain Art Museum, Whistler, British Columbia, Pacific Coast hemlock, Patkau Architects

Surrounded by tranquil natural landscape, the form and character of the Audain Art Museum, designed by Patkau Architects, is intentionally restrained to provide a quiet, minimal backdrop to the art inside and the nature outside. The interior of the Audain Art Museum (Photo credit: James Dow / Patkau Architects) The Audain Art Museum …

Editor’s pickStar Chaser

Vietnamese young designer, Nguyen Hoa, Kim Do Company, Ho Chi Minh City, Marita rocking chair, International Furniture Fair Singapore

Vietnamese designer Nguyen Hoa realised his teenage dream of seeing his sketches come to life but that, he says, is not enough for him. Young Vietnamese designer Nguyen Hoa  Exactly five years ago, Nguyen Hoa decided he wanted to design furniture for a living. Today, this goal is realised with him finding his place at Kim Do Company, …

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