Department of Commerce slaps duties on Chinese cabinet imports

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In February this year, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced affirmative final determinations in the anti-dumping duty (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) investigations of imports of wooden cabinets and vanities from China, reported ITTO. The petitioner in this case is the American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance.

Commerce determined that producers and/or exporters from China have sold wooden cabinets and vanities at less than fair value in the United States at rates ranging from 4.37 percent to 262.18 per cent.

In addition, Commerce determined that producers and/or exporters from China received countervailing subsidies at rates ranging from 13.33 per cent to 293.45 per cent. In 2018, imports of wooden cabinets and vanities from China were valued at an estimated $4.4 billion.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has recently issued final duty determinations on Chinese imports of wooden cabinets and vanities. Anti-dumping and countervailing duties are as follows:

  • Dalian Meisen 269.91%
  • Foremost122.1%
  • Ancientree 13.33%
  • All others: 58.89%.

This means that almost all Chinese manufacturers will now face a combined AD/CVD cash deposit rate of about 59 per cent.

In October 2019, preliminary anti-dumping duties ranging from 4.49 per cent to 262.18 per cent, with most Chinese producers facing anti-dumping duties of 39.25 per cent were imposed.

These anti-dumping duties are in addition to earlier countervailing duties averaging 16 per cent, which have been in effect since August 2019. As a result of this final decision, cash deposits will continue to be required on all wooden cabinets and vanities imported from China.

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