European hardwood markets feel the pinch of global trade tensions and general economy slowdown

European hardwood markets,global trade tension,economic slowdown,International Hardwood Conference,Berlin

Following a relatively positive period in 2018, the European hardwood markets this year have felt the pinch of the global trade tensions and general slowdown of the economy, with Chinese demand for European hardwood slowing down a little. Demand this year in the EOS(European Organization of the Sawmill Industry) producing countries is expected to slightly decline by 1.3% while production is expected to slightly slow down by 0.7%.

These analyses and assessments of the current market development by experts from all over the world were provided during the biannual International Hardwood Conference, held in Berlin on Nov 20-21. 

Another key topic was climate change and its consequences for the forestry and timber industries. In the context of this discussion, future tree species availability with regards to forest adaptation to climate change was examined. The market flows of tropical timber were also discussed. Under the current political scenario, in which environmental concerns are high on the agenda, the wood products have an enormous potential to help the EU achieve its green objectives.

Dr. Josef Braml from the German Council on Foreign Relations analysed the impact of the current trade conflict between the US and China. Moreover, this year's program specifically addressed the opportunities of environmental product declarations and life-cycle considerations.

The international meeting of the hardwood industry is one of the most important trade conferences in the industry. It was co-organised by the European Organization of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) and the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF). This year the Conference was held in Berlin together with the German sawmill and timber industry association (DeSH). The symposium attracted 125 participants from 20 nations, continuing the successes of recent years.

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