Myanmar exports teak to Thailand through cross border trade arrangement

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In November last year Myanmar exported some 100 tons of teak sawnwood to Thailand via a cross border trade arrangement being the first of around 1,100 tons set to be shipped. The export process was witnessed by Minister Ohn Win and supervised by the Forest Department, the General Administration Department, the Custom Department, the Immigration Department and the Myanmar Police.

Statistics released by Ministry of Commerce show that between April 2011 and November 2019, about 70 tons of forest products have been exported through the cross border trade arrangement. There are no official records for the cross border trade with China, most of which was deemed illegal by the Myanmar government.

In a revision of its forestry laws, China has included a prohibition on enterprises in China buying illegally sourced timber. Analysts comment that how the law will be enforced is not yet clear. The local media in Myanmar have welcomed the change but say the provincial authorities in China may not strictly enforce the new law.

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