Reimagining the bistro table


Table dimensions: 650mm x 650 mm x 780 mm. Photo credit: Nathan Devreese

When in a café, people frequently look around for a space to put their bag or purse, and furniture designer Phebos Xenakis decided to tackle that issue with a new system.

The Trapesi table, which nabbed the silver at the European Product Design Award in the category of Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories, features a fold at each corner which can be used to hang a bag or purse, or even utilized as a storage compartment in which to keep a newspaper or magazine.

Photo credit: Nathan Devreese

Photo credit: Nathan Devreese

The table’s legs are indirectly linked to the table top panel via the middle structure, and gives the illusion of the table top levitating and also creating a feeling of openness. But the middle structure of the table was designed and conceptualised in such a way, it does not feel like a separate extension, but rather, part of the design aspect, with each hook providing stability and functionality while also remaining aesthetically pleasing.

The table can be disassembled into six main pieces, which can be quickly and easily replaced if it has been damaged. Made of solid wood oak and steel, the middle part of the table has also been covered with a layer of polyurethane, for two reasons: To give the table a sleek look, and also blunting the sharp edges of the hooks, thus averting any damage that could be done to the bags and purses hung on it.

Photo credit: Nathan Devreese

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