Sino Group partners with arborists and community partners on recycling and upcycling felled trees

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Sino Group is partnering with arborists and community partners to recycle and upcycle felled trees on premises under its management in the wake of the recent super typhoon Mangkhut.

“The Group strives to make the most of the precious natural resources, many of which are close to the hearts of those living in the neighbourhood,” remarked Mr Daryl Ng, Deputy Chairman of Sino Group. “We also hope that this small act can raise awareness of protecting the city’s landscaping and become the preferred practice after typhoon and during the construction process.”

The Group is arranging collection of branches and trunks of felled trees, which will be sent to qualified contractors for selecting wood still in good and healthy condition. The selected wood will then be used for recycling and upcycling instead of sending them to landfills. The following measures will be taken:

  • Turning chipped wood of the felled trees into soil conditioner for mulching in landscaped areas of properties of the Group and community partners
  • Engaging tenants, residents, customers and staffs to collect twigs and leaves for further processing into mulches and fertilisers
  • Using unseasoned wood for fencing around planters
  • Upcycling to make stools, tables, planters, art pieces and objects in partnership with artist.

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