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India to investigate alleged dumping of MDF from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia

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Greenply Industries, Greenpanel Industries and Century Plyboards have filed application to commerce ministry's probing arm DGTR to start anti-dumping investigation on imports of "plain medium density fibre board of thickness less than 6 mm" imported from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, reported India’s Economic …

Editor’s pickAsia’s longest continuous press produces first board

Dieffenbacher, Greenply

Greenply produces first MDF board on a new Dieffenbacher CPS On April 1, Greenply Industries produced the first board on its new MDF plant in Chittoor District, some kilometres away from the southern city of Chennai, India. At a length of 56 metres, the latest line is the longest continuous press in Asia. It is also the second MDF project between …

Editor’s pick‘2018 will be one of the busiest’: Dieffenbacher

Dieffenbacher, Greenply, Fantoni, Arauco

German plant manufacturer looks ahead to record-setting achievements in 2018 Arauco will begin production on one of the largest CPS+ in North America this year. Only two months into 2018, German press technology company Dieffenbacher says it anticipates 2018 will be one of its busiest and most significant years, based on the completion of a …