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New SMEs business development centre in Central Java

New SME business development centre, Central Java, Indonesia, Jepara, furniture industry

Gati Wibawaningsih, Director General of Small, Medium Industries in the Ministry of Industry has announced that the ministry will open a material centre in Jepara, a town in Central Java to support growth of furniture SMEs so they can become more competitive in international markets, reported ITTO. Gati said, the new centre will focus on capacity …

Indonesia's forestry industry anticipates boost this year after exports fall to $11.6b in 2019

Indonesia, wood products, exports, decline, veneer, panels, furniture, Association of Indonesia Forest Concessionaires, trade war, competitiveness

Indonesian’s wood products exports totalled US$11.6 billion in 2019, a 4 per cent drop from the previous year due to falling demand due to the ongoing trade war and the weak competitiveness of local products. Industry players, however, are more optimistic come 2020, thanks to policy reforms, reported Jakarta Post. Wood veneer, …

Continued efforts needed to improve Indonesia’s legal forestry management

Indonesia, timber production, report, monitor strengthening, independent forestry monitoring network, timber legality verification system, SVLK, effective, VPA implementation, JURnal Celebes

Indonesia’s civil society organisation, Jurnal Celebes recently released a report "Strengthening Indonesia’s Independent Forestry Monitoring Network to Ensure a Credible Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) and Effective VPA Implementation", reported ITTO. Between October 2018 and December 2019, Jurnal Celebes monitored the …

Trade dispute undermining performance of the furniture sector

Indonesia, Ministry of Industry, furniture industry, exports, Small and Medium industries, foreign manufacturers, China, Central Java, Shandong Timber Association, East Kalimantan

The Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) said it would continue to support growth in the furniture industry. However the sector has faced problems as the Ministry of Industry records show the value of furniture exports reached only around US$730 million in the first half of this year while exports in the first 6 months of last year reached US$845 …

Lessons learnt from the implementation of the FLEGT in Indonesia

EU FLEGT, implementation, Indonesia, lessons, licensing, issues, challenges

The EU FLEGT Facility has issued a briefing note that draws lessons from three years of Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) licensing in Indonesia. Indonesia was the first country in the world to start issuing FLEGT licences in 2016. From November 2016 to July 2019, Indonesia issued a total of 104 719 FLEGT licences for exports …

Indonesia's plywood, bamboo, rattan listed in US GSP programme

Generalised System of Preferences, GSP programme, trade privilege, trade, Indonesia, U.S.

The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has indicated that laminated bamboo plywood (HS 44121005), thin plywood measuring less than 66 mm (HS 44123141155), and rattan for hand-made souvenirs (HS 46021223) are eligible for cuts in Generalised System of Preferences tariffs on exports to the US, reported ITTO. US says trade preference talks to conclude …

Indonesia's log production predicted to increase by 15% next year

Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires, industrial plantations, natural forests 5.4 million cubic metres

The Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires (APHI) estimates that log production will grow by 10–15% next year, both from industrial plantations (HTI) and natural forests, reported ITTO. APHI Executive Director Purwadi Soeprihanto said that the production of logs from natural forests this year is predicted at 5.4 million m3 and HTI …

59 Chinese investors relocating wood product factories to Java

Chinese investors, Indonesia, Central Java, wood, furniture, businesses, relocation, investment

According to a report in TEMPO, Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) has indicated that 59 Chinese investors in wood and furniture businesses will relocate factories to Central Java. The reasons given for the relocation include Indonesia's stable investment climate and the easy licensing process in Central Java. BKPM chief …

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