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UK merchant sales plunge in April but market is recovering

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According to April data from the Builders Merchant Federation’s Builders Merchant Building Index, it is evident that the coronavirus lockdown has greatly affected sales for merchants in the UK. With many trades not working due to temporary closures or restricted services since mid-March, figures for April show the alarming …

BoKlok UK appoints modular housing manufacturer, TopHat, to deliver first UK homes

Boklok, IKEA, Skanska, TopHat, UK, modular housing manufacturer,

Illustration of a coming BoKlok area in the UK (Image credit: Boklok) The five-year contract will see TopHat work with BoKlok to manufacture two and three-bedroom houses. Like all BoKlok developments, the homes will be made from timber frames and will feature key BoKlok characteristics such as natural light, low energy consumption and IKEA …

UK global tariff for wood and wood products released

UK global tariff, wood, wood products, Brexit

From 1 January 2021, the UK will apply a UK-specific tariff to imported goods. The UK Global Tariff (UKGT) will replace the EU’s Common External Tariff, which applies until 31 December 2020, reported TTJ. The duty rates will become applicable to customs entries made on or from 1 January 2021 when the UK formally exits the EU. The changes …

Three largest CLT suppliers to commission testing report to prove fire safety of CLT in UK

KLH, Binderholz, Stora Enso, suppliers, CLT, fire safety, building regulation changes, UK

The three largest suppliers of cross laminated timber(CLT) – KLH, Binderholz and Stora Enso – have invested in a series of fire tests to assess safety and performance of CLT, reported TTJ. According to a report in Inside Housing, the group is planning to spend £500,000 on a series of fire tests over the next 18 months to …

Most of UK timber supply chain re-opening by end of May

UK, timber supply chain, businesses, re-open, end of May, coronavirus, COVID-19, lockdown

Almost all businesses in the timber supply chain will be re-starting operations in May according to a Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) survey, reported Timber Trade Journal (TTJ). The survey showed that a full one third of businesses remained open to some extent during the Covid-19 lockdown. The remainder of businesses responding to the …

Metsä Wood UK produced over 43,000 linear metres of Finnjoist I-beams for NHS hospital in Wales

Metsä Wood UK, Finnjoist I-beams, NHS hospital, Wales, Kerto LVL, engineered timber

In an effort to support the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, Metsä Wood UK has produced over 43,000 linear metres of Finnjoist I-beams to be used as part of the structure for a new NHS Nightingale hospital in Swansea Bay, Wales. The Swansea Bay Nightingale Hospital is a new NHS field hospital which is being built …

Bergs Timber makes temporary adjustments to their production

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The effects of the corona crisis are beginning to be seen in lower demand for wood products. Bergs Timber has a large share of its sales to the UK market where demand now has fallen rapidly. In order to achieve a balance between production and demand, a number of changes will be made. Bergs Timber has agreed with the trade unions to start …