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DoubleHelix, Bluenumber and Sourcemap launch timber traceability platform

timber traceability platform, supply chain, blockchain, DoubleHelix, Bluenumber, Sourcemap

Combining traceability, verification, and visualisation, the timber traceability platform being introduced by DoubleHelix in partnership with Sourcemap and Bluenumber makes critical supply chain information available to different stakeholders: Compliance and procurement officers can organise huge volumes of supply chain data and due diligence …

Holmen develops analytical tool showing bark beetle damage

Holmen, spruce bark beetle, damage, map, analytical tool, Swedish Forest Agency

Holmen has developed an analytical tool showing actual areas of spruce bark beetle damage on a map. Now, the forest company is offering its private wood suppliers a map of this kind. The maps are the result of an advanced analytical tool that Holmen has developed. An algorithm based on artificial intelligence has been continuously supplied with …

Editor’s pickMore Chinese wood products added to Trump's future massive tariff list

U.S.-China trade war, lumber, U.S. market, furniture, oak, beech, maple, ash, cherry, particleboard, various types of plywood, doors

As the trade war between U.S. and China heats up, U.S. President Donald Trump has listed more than $200 billion worth of Chinese exports to the U.S. that may be subjected to new tariffs come end of August. The list is massive and includes industrial goods and chemicals, consumer products, and wood products. If the list comes into effect, just …

Soft Maple - The best substitute for Walnut and Cherry

soft maple, cherry, walnut

By James Xu, Chairman and CEO, Shanghai AM In 2017, Walnut and Cherry experienced the biggest price increase compared to other North American hardwoods. Walnut increased by 40 per cent; Cherry by 30 per cent. The price hike for Walnut and Cherry is partly due to the large volume of log exports to China (including these two species), resulting in …