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Strong international demand for peeler quality okoume from Gabon

Gabon, okoume

Prices of Gabon hardwood logs and sawnwood have largely been unchanged from last month with demand assessed as ‘moderate’. Demand comes largely from China, for belli, tali and other heavy species. Producers report very strong demand for good quality okoume peeler logs and slightly better demand for okoume sawnwood. Okoume log prices …

Gabon's veneer industry suffers over okoume shortage

Gabon, ITTO, okoume

New veneer mills in Gabon are apparently facing a shortage of okoume logs. Heavy rains in the country have hampered logging and transport operations, pointing to poor market sentiment amongst mill owners, who are mostly from India. Gabon's economy has struggled, with no indication of the TVA (value added tax) refunds happening any time soon. …

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