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Bergs Timber makes temporary adjustments to their production

Bergs Timber, temporary adjustments, production, reduction, UK, Sweden, short-term work,

The effects of the corona crisis are beginning to be seen in lower demand for wood products. Bergs Timber has a large share of its sales to the UK market where demand now has fallen rapidly. In order to achieve a balance between production and demand, a number of changes will be made. Bergs Timber has agreed with the trade unions to start …

Weyerhaeuser to reduce lumber production by 20% in April

Weyerhaeuser Company, reduction, operating capacity, temporary mill curtailments, reduced shift postures

In response to recent changes in customer sentiment and order flow, Weyerhaeuser Company is dynamically adjusting operating capacity at certain of its manufacturing facilities. For the month of April, the company expects to reduce operating capacity by approximately 20% for lumber, 15% for oriented strand board, and 15% to 25% for engineered wood …

Canada's Interfor announces initiatives to address prevailing COVID-19 situation

Interfor, initiative, tackle, coronavirus, impact, capital expenditure reduction, production curtailment

Interfor announced two days ago that it will implement a number of initiatives in order to adjust its business to operating conditions being impacted by COVID-19. “We are very focused on ensuring the health and safety of our employees as well as adapting to the evolving market conditions,” said Ian Fillinger, Interfor’s …

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