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Editor’s pickThe science behind saunas

science, sauna, Finland

Enjoying a hot bath in a wood-clad sauna is perhaps a very Finnish past time. This lakeside sauna is no different from others, but has a story behind it. One 1951 winter, a sauna was pulled in with a Citroën 15CV over the frozen lake. Decades later, it fell into disrepair and was dismantled. A new one was rebuilt on the same site, a …

Editor’s pickWhy are saunas made of wood?

wood, softwood, sauna, Finnish, Viba's sauna, Latvia

The word “sauna” means “room of wood” in Finnish. The use of wood is both a tradition and practical consideration in constructing a sauna. Firstly, they are good heat insulators; if you touch a wooden surface, the heat doesn’t sting as severely as a stone wall, for example. Wood also has antiseptic and antibacterial …

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