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Raute acquires majority holding in Hiottu Oy

Raute, acquisition, Hiottu Oy, software services

Raute Corporation has signed an agreement on the acquisition of the majority of the share capital in Oulu-based Hiottu Oy. The shareholders employed by Hiottu will continue working for the company. Hiottu, established in 2005, is a company offering software services with special knowhow in various machine vision solutions and other system …

Marxent Reinvents Social Media Content Creation for Renovators and Furniture Retailers

Marxent, 3D rendering, social media, software, application, Social Room

Social media teams are under constant pressure to create striking visual content. To generate these assets, retailers rely on product photo shoots which are expensive, time consuming, and result in a limited number of images. Once shared, that content gets stale quickly.   "Social Rooms" by Marxent (Image credit: Marxent) “Social …

Editor’s pickPYTHA 3D-CAD collaborates with Indonesia’s top woodworking school

PYTHA 3D-CAD, software, MOU, Akademi Teknik Pika, ATPIKA, education collaboration, CAD

PYTHA 3D-CAD signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) of Education Collaboration with Indonesian’s most prominent woodworking school Akademi Teknik Pika (ATPIKA) for the integration of the software into the school’s curriculum. This collaboration will benefit woodworking students by equipping them with modern, efficient and relevant …

Editor’s pickMeet the team behind SCM’s software and digital services

SCM, digital service, IoT, innovation digital systems, software, SCM Maestro, technology

The woodworking industry may be undergoing an inevitable digital transformation, but it is a game that is still in its early stages. Many companies are still exploring the many possibilities of digitalisation. “But this is also an exciting stage to be at,” said Manuela Andreani, SCM software product manager, whose team takes care of …

Compression routers in woodworking offer a superior cut – reducing waste and improve cutting finish

Compression router, ANCA, wood chips, cutting finish, digitising routines, ToolRoom Software

Designed to compresses the wood chips towards the centre of the tool, compression routers: Reduce chipping Can be used to cut many sheets of board at the same time Or cut multiple profiles from one sheet Simon Richardson ANCA Product Manager gives some insight into the use and applications for solid carbide Compression Routers (also known …

Södra announces its first robot employee

Södra, Clerk, software robot, digitalisation

Södra welcomes Clerk, the company’s first digital robot employee. Clerk is a software robot that works in six departments and uses its expertise in everyday, repetitive and time-consuming tasks, as the company said in its press release. “Digitalisation is creating a myriad of exciting opportunities in our working day. Automation …

KCD Software launches new website

KCD Software, woodworking, design

KCD Software, a leading provider of professional custom woodworking and design-to-CNC software for the cabinet and closet industries, has announced the launch of its newly designed website. The completely revamped website features a simplified and streamlined design, improved functionality and enriched content areas. It is designed to support …

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