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New Jarrah ready for architectural use

forestry, timber

Jarrah will be the timber of choice in premium architectural applications with the launch of a new branding strategy for this much-loved timber species. New Jarrah has been developed by the Forest Industries Federation of Western Australia (FIFWA) and the Forest Products Commission (FPC) to reposition jarrah as a high-quality, premium and …

As Mass Timber Takes Off, How Green Is This New Building Material?

mass timber, sustainability,

The eight-story Carbon 12 building in Portland, Oregon is the tallest commercial structure in the United States to be built from something called mass timber. If the many fervent boosters of this new construction material are right, however, it is only one of the first mass timber buildings among many, the beginning of a construction revolution. …

Myanmar: 143K Tons of Trafficked Timber Seized over Three Years

Myanmar, timber

More than 143,000 tons of trafficked hardwood have been seized since the current administration took office three years ago, according to the Burmese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation’s Forest Department. “Thanks to tip-offs from members of the public, we were able to make those seizures,” the …

Sustainable Timber Tas to gain certification from FSC

Australia, timber, sustainability

Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STT) has launched a process to gain certification for its forestry activities from the Forest Stewardship Council. SCS Global Services will conduct an audit of STT’s forestry practices, starting on 20 May, against the new FSC Australian Forest Stewardship Council. A key issue is the concept of High Conservation …

Flood-damaged timber rescued to boost Nambucca mountain bike park

Australia, timber

Water-damaged timber donated by Boral and Forestry Corporation of New South Wales has seen an exciting new track launched in Jacks Ridge Mountain Bike Park in the Nambucca State Forest. The new track was built by the Nambucca Valley Cycle Club after members decided the park needed more 'zest' to keep pace with the growing enthusiasm for enduro …

Sabah Chief Conservator defends log export ban

Malaysia, logging, harvesting, timber

Chief Conservator of Forests, Mashor Mohd Jaini, said the State Government’s log export ban should spur the development of the wood-based industry in the State. He said the aim of the State government was to see the production of a wide range of high value wood products to support economic development and the creation employment …

First-of-its kind timber product to be used in MSU building

CLT, timber

Michigan State University’s future STEM Teaching and Learning Facility will be the first in Michigan to use an innovative wood product, rather than concrete and/or steel, for its load-bearing structure. Known as mass timber, this framing style uses large solid or engineered wood. The $100 million (SGD 135.5 million) facility will be …

Green technology behind high rise wood-based buildings


Cross-laminated timber, CLT, explains the expansion of multi-storey wood buildings in the world. Gerhard Schickhofer is awarded the 2019 Marcus Wallenberg Prize for research and knowledge transfer behind the stable and eco-friendly material. Professor Gerhard Schickhofer, the Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology at Graz University …